short story contest

First ever Daily Devil contest. Write a short story to explain this image in the comments.* Winner gets bragging rights and my adulations.  [*No library books were harmed during this incident, those are discards.]


2 Responses to “short story contest”

  1. 1 Lynn Eaton
    July 14, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Okay, what is the spell again Hermione?

    Really, Harry! Accio – say it with force.

    Accio – whoa! That book almost hit me!

    Well done, Harry! I thought you would have remembered that – it’s so helpful when you need to bring something to you. I use it when I’m working in the Special Collections library to get anything off the highest shelves. The archivists have NO idea, but it works great and I get my work done so I can go back to studying.

    You work there? I don’t even know where it is. They mentioned something on the first day orientation – “down that hall is the library with all the old stuff. You won’t go there unless your Writing 20 prof gets all hepped up. But it’s great if you want to impress a history professor – they just love that stuff. That’s why I transferred to Pratt – no need to go in the library!” Is it just a bunch of old books?

    You know, you are as bad as Ron without any excuse for being that way. Come on – I’ll show you.

    We don’t need to go there –I’m tired of all this practicing and it’s so nice outside! Oh, Hermione I don’t – [where is Ron when I need him?!]

    Hi Elizabeth! This is my friend Harry – I’m just showing him around. He *really* wanted to see where I work.

    Nice to meet you, Harry! Hermione, I’m so glad you showed up. You always seem to be able to navigate the ladder more quickly than anyone I know. Would you mind pulling this one book while I watch the desk? Harry will need to stay out here, though.

    Oh that’s, ok! I’m glad to go. Harry?

    Don’t worry about me – I need to practice something anyway. [look away Elizabeth…that card in the drawer should be no problem. Accio! What’s wrong? The card didn’t move – don’t those things come out? That is wicked tight in there. Let me see, what else…the paper on the floor…Accio! What! Bugger –why is there a wheel in my hand?] Whoa!

    Watch out for the truck – it’s falling! What happened to the wheel? It just seems to have disappeared!

    Um, no ma’am, the wheel seems to have come out –I just picked it up off the floor. I think it’s broken. Here are a couple of my text books – no keep them, they are from last semester anyway and they’ll hold this up nicely.

    Harry! What happ –

    Hi Hermione! So glad you are back. I think things are completely under control and I really need to get back to class. Nice meeting you Elizabeth!

  2. July 15, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Quite timely Lynn! Now we need a Whinnie the Pooh themed entry. I know I have writer-friends out there.

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