No Fishing

no fishing

Over the past few years a certain Very Rich Family (VRF) that owns property here has made it very difficult for the local fisherman to access the pier and their regular fishing spots. It’s to the point that I rarely see them anymore, which is sad since I considered catching up with them to be one of the highlights of coming home. They have closed public access to the pier to two week-days a week for a couple hours a day, greatly restricted parking, and do not allow bikes to be taken down the pathway, which many fisherman use to carry their gear. They have done all of this “in the name of the cottagers,” except it isn’t the cottagers who have clamped down, it is the Very Rich Family.

Now this sign has appeared at one fisherman’s spot. This is Chet’s spot. Chet is a 92 year old WWII veteran. Almost every day for decades Chet would come out for a couple hours to fish. For the past several years, fishing was also a respite from caring for his wife of many decades who had Alzheimer’s. Despite having a waiver from the original head of the VRF (now deceased) to fish on their property, the offspring of that family has decided that Chet is a nuisance and has put up this sign where he normally sits for a couple hours a day doing what he loves.

Yes, Chet was technically trespassing. This is private property, and they can do whatever they like with it (and boy howdy do they take advantage of that). But it seems mean spirited to not allow one old man to have access to one parking spot for a few hours a day in a lot that is hardly used except by contractors working at the VRF compound. Personally, I would replace that sign with one that reads “Chet Parking,” give him the gate code and let him live out his days doing what he loves. He’s a veteran, an old man, and has had a hard life. What is the harm?


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  1. September 9, 2015 at 6:51 am

    I’ll probably be sued for posting this. The VRF’s security guy saw me on CCTV and came out to see what I was taking a picture of. We had a “chat,” and I explained I was a resident and have been taking pictures for decades here. Watch this space. 

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